PixFlx, Inc.

The Smart Television Standard

The change is real and coming, you likely cannot see it through the noise and clutter, that makes it no less real!

The reality is that you will in-fact select objects you see on TV, to do so you will need to be able to point to the object and when you have selected an object you will get what you asked for without disruption to the TV screen. It doesn't take a genius to understand the above premise, that said the engineering to make it real in the only feasible way that's optimal for the consumer and related businesses, that's the PixFlx solution that sets the de facto Smart TV Standard.

The PixFlx standard is:

  • Industry inclusive and shared, licensing a peer on the shared network is at its lowest cost now
  • Media Player spanning TV and Tablet (or other device) that implements TV Touchpad, TV Program Guide, and TV Browser, these are all things that do not belong on the TV video screen
  • Web Services API for business partners operating on the network that serve to lookup video based links, lookup advertising asset locations, make optimal advertising choices based on targeting versus price tradeoff algorithms and provide transactions and payment disbursement events
  • Legal contractual structure for operations and revenue share disbursement

PixFlx is by design a licensing company that provides media player software to the general public in multiple forms and monitors peers operated on the licensed network.


  • The general public benefits from the functionality and diversity of content available by the PixFlx standards of operations providing open network access with closed and protected aspects as needed for transaction and content protection
  • The business partner licensees benefits from accessing the protected high value network


  • Licensing to operate on the core TV network, and in some cases to operate specifically in a walled garden environment or in conjunction with educational or demonstration purposes
  • Licensing to embed in media player hardware and to gain insight into home automation and media access gateway hardware and protocol standards adoption and design
  • Licensing types may include steering committee membership and features of involvement with controlling aspects only discussed at face to face meetings on a case by case basis


Our core business is licensing and we have licensing contracts beyond the normal expectations. If you are a serious player in the content development industry, time is of the essences to talk licensing for your long term benefit.

PixFlx Player & Network

PixFlx is an "IP Licensing" company that provides licensing to operate and sub license a PixFlx TV ecosystem based on the PixFlx TV Standards. The PixFlx TV ecosystem provides a Co-Op structure designed with a partner/customer sublicense ownership option, all such sublicense partners are companies engaged in mainly advertising or content production or highly related aspects of television, IPTV, CDN, Ad Network or highly related technologies. The core "Ecosystem Licensee" enables a PixFlx network sublicensing to Ad Providers and Content Providers and is intented for Tech companies that are Video Platform providers operating at the top level of the TV Ecosystem. PixFlx is both a media player and a network of both content and advertising specifically licensed to feed content and advertising into an instance of the PixFlx Media Player network. The PixFlx player also is a TV operating system based on components built from the ground up for multi display and multi user interface and is the primary hub of the digital home of the future. Our partner companies are selected based on certain criteria. Your company may meet the criteria to become involved so if interested in exploring involvement you can register your info for review and we will promptly inform you of the outcome on our initial review.

Media Player

By simply selecting something you would like to know more about or something you may wish to purchase, your content will load on a separate browser without any TV disruption! Systems We Support: iPhone / iPad Apple iOS Devices Android Base Devices Windows Desktop Versions and Windows 8 Devices Linux - Adobe Air Smart TV - LG / Samsung / TV Sticks Browser Based


We have developed a hybrid synchronized combination of video and landing page known as Video Cart. As with any TV show we have Ad Space, however, our ads are very different, our media player is designed to deliver based on on viewer preference so viewers can customize ads being delivered to them specific to preference settings. Viewers can even opt out of ads, hate that ad or company, just say so with an opt out. Our Ad Network is a shared network, we provide white label software to businesses in the ad sales and management industry that enables them to deliver ads into our media player. Another option we provide is API access to our network. Advertising is delivered in 2 main units; Video and web page delivered on a timeline. Banner in web pages from users clicking TV objects.


Think in terms of TV selection into Tablet Cart, think BIG. Our Content Network is a shared network, we provide white label software or API access to businesses in the content delivery network industry that enables them to deliver content into our media player. Advantages to delivering content into our player are very substantial to say the least, some highlights include; Monetization - TV Ad and web page sync units Banner in web pages from TV object selection Additional content = Additional added value


Our developer plans are simple. Your Second-Screen based app can be submitted as a HTML5 based addition to a TV show. Its very simple, options are; Web Page based Second Screen apps / Apps Tab based HTML 5 apps load with a TV show


We are not like any other company!

The Media Player: This innovation transforms the TV into a modern day connected hub of home entertainment and interactivity.

New Advertising Model: Our system enables purchasing directly from a TV show ad and interactivity providing sponsor information that's highly relevant to the viewer.

Value To Consumers: We too are consumers of TV and lets face it, its obvious that the long form of video only based ads server up on TV of the past in a back to back way are dumb and for the most part irrelevant to the viewers. We have changed that and provide real value to sponsors and consumers alike.

Setting Standards: We are backed by intellectual property defining core operational aspects of modern TV that defines the standard for TV going forward.

Partnerships / Shared Network: We are not alone but all inclusive, we are ready, willing and able to partner with companies both new and established.


Joe Lorkovic, CEO, PixFlx Inc. Please contact Joe through the below email.

Call: 1-858-405-8475 E-Mail: pixflxplayer@Gmail.com