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PixFlx is an "IP Licensing" company that provides licensing to operate and sub license a PixFlx TV ecosystem based on the PixFlx TV Standards. 

The PixFlx TV ecosystem provides a Co-Op structure designed with a partner/customer sublicense ownership option, all such sublicense partners are companies engaged in mainly advertising or content production or highly related aspects of television, IPTV, CDN, Ad Network or highly related technologies. The core "Ecosystem Licensee" enables a PixFlx network sublicensing to Ad Providers and Content Providers and is intented for Tech companies that are Video Platform providers operating at the top level of the TV Ecosystem.


PixFlx is both a media player and a network of both content and advertising specifically licensed to feed content and advertising into an instance of the PixFlx Media Player network. The PixFlx player also is a TV operating system based on components built from the ground up for multi display and multi user interface and is the primary hub of the digital home of the future.


Our partner companies are selected based on certain criteria. Your company may meet the criteria to become involved so if interested in exploring involvement you can register your info for review and we will promptly inform you of the outcome on our initial review. Please use the contact page for requests or Register your company for the review process.































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